Former Incarcerated Veterans

Life is about choice, we all have made mistakes and when a person is making a transition from being incarcerated to back on the block.

You start down that road again to decide your directions

The first thing I want you to consider is this guilty or not in the publics eye you were and are guilty of the crimes you were convicted.  The very first decision is you are going to have to make is to take the weight or to do the blame game and wear the crime (s) as a boat anchor.

Penitentiary - can you say in your heart that have you done your penitence if you have drop the boat anchor and swim, if not you will drown 

Over the past years I work with incarcerated veterans who successfully transition back into life -

there is a lot of prep work to make this journey but keep in mind this: the average rate of recidivism is about

60-70% those who who have gone through this program is less than 6% - and it all starts with you.

Take the weight, forgive yourself, and realize not everyone out there will hire you, but then not everyone would hire you before you were ever convicted.

Some of the topics we will discuss